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Alternatively, you can call us directly to book at 520.308.9425.

Once your booking is confirmed, we will need images of your dog’s vaccine records and a picture of them.

Current on vaccines?

House trained?

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Good with kids?

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Things You Should Know:
  • We only accept spayed and neutered dogs.
  • We do not accept females in heat.
  • We accept fully vaccinated dogs.
  • We have a 35-pound limit. Smaller breeds fit in better with our resident crew but we will take an older, calmer larger dog on a case-by-case basis, as long as at the meet and greet all parties get along with one another.
  • Pet parents are expected to provide their pet’s food for the stay. We don’t want any upset tummies!
  • We will wait up to one hour past drop-off time for clients. It is up to clients to contact us if they are to be late. If there is no contact, the boarding stay is considered canceled without a refund. We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals.
  • If pick-up time is more than four (4) hours past your original drop-off time, you will be charged our daily rate day care fee for the day.
  • While we are not fond of sitting for dogs that need to be crated, we understand that puppies need crating in those early months when in the training period and will do this for owners to adhere to a training regimen. We have metal crates available for large, medium-sized dogs and small dogs. Most owners who require crating discuss this option in advance and arrangements are made accordingly.